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Promoting Trang An landscape complex's tourism potential

Update: 14-07-2014 22:01:32
Promoting Trang An landscape complex's tourism potential
In late June, Vietnamese people in general and Ninh Binh province's people in particular saw with great pleasure that Trang An landscape complex had been officially recognised as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage. However, the honour will also pose challenges to Ninh Binh province, tourism brand and community in preserving and promoting the heritage's tourism potential.
Located in northern Ninh Binh province, the whole complex covers 6,172 ha and an 6,268 ha-buffer zone of paddy fields. The complex consists of three adjacent areas. These are the cultural area, the ancient capital of Hoa Lu,the natural aspects and the stunning limestone peaks, streams and caves at Trang An, Tam Coc and Bich Dong. Then finally, there is the Hoa Lu primeval forest.

The provincial Party committee, leading and managerial officials at all levels of Ninh Binh have attached great importance to developing the heritage's tourism potential. According to the province's Revolution No. 15 in 2009 on developing tourism, the complex is considered as the province's key tourist area. Since 2005, the province has licensed Xuan Truong Construction Company's Trang An ecological tourism area project. The project was implemented carefully with the support of many scientists to ensure the integrity of the scenic, geological and geomorphologic values. Eleven of 50 caves in Trang An ecological tourism area are currently being exploited, attracting a large number of visitors.

Besides exploiting the heritage, a series of programmes on training human resources for Trang An ecological tourism area in particular and Ninh Binh's tourism brand in general, was also held. Now, the province has over 20,000 employees working in tourism industry. The provincial tourism brand has also organised some classes on communication skills and promoting the history of Trang An complex and Hoa Lu ancient capital, as well as vocational training. Dozens of famers participated in vocational classes on traditional village trades such as embroidery with lace in Van Lam village, pottery in Gia Thuy village, fine art sedge in Kim Son and Yen Khanh and fine art stone in Ninh Van. Especially, the provincial Woman's Union co-ordinated with Gia Vien district to hold foreign language classes for the union's members who participated in tourism services at tourism areas.

Developing tourism has also contributed to diversified agricultural products such as anabas (fish), goat, tortoise, porcupine and bee's honey, which are special foods of Ninh Binh province.

Trang An landscape complex is a gift nature has bestowed on Ninh Binh province, and for this reason, the province and Xuan Truong construction company have invested VND3 trillion (US$141 million) to build infrastructure projects in the complex, including dozens of projects from the State budget, 21 hotels and resorts. Of which, there are four 4-star, two 3-star and nine 2-star hotels. Additionally, thousands of hotels and motels of private businesses also contributed to improve tourism services.

The management board of Trang An landscape complex has attached importance to building ancillary works such as Trang An cultural park, reception room and souvenir shops, which aim to meet the demands of visitors.

With the province's efforts, Ninh Binh welcomed 4.3 million visitors in 2014 and nearly 3.4 million tourists in the first six months of 2014, while about 65% of these visited Trang An complex and Bai Dinh temple.

Trang An - World Cultural and Natural Heritage is Ninh Binh province's pride. The province expects to welcome more visitors and draw the interest of investors and travel businesses to improve infrastructure and create attractive tourism products that will encourage visitors to journey to Ninh Binh. Becoming a more attractive destination also demands Ninh Binh's people and visitors together preserve the ecological environment.

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