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Ninh Binh Handicraft villages

Phuc Loc carpentry
Phuc Loc Village in Ninh Phong Ward, the city of Ninh Binh, located in the southeast of the city, the city center about 2 km. The village has a length of 3 km, about 2 km wide, consists of 5 neighbors: Trai hamlet, Ngoai hamlet, Giua hamlet, Trong hamlet and Mo hamlet. Phuc Loc is the land has a history from the Dinh - Le. There is a Buddhist ....
Ninh Van Stone carving village
Speaking of the town of Van Ninh, Hoa Lu district, the people of the country knows the traditional village of ....
Van Lam embroidery village
Van Lam hamlet has been famous all over the country for its lace embroidery. It is said that this is the land of lace embroidery. Legend has it that King Tran Thai Tong abdicated in favor of his son when he was 40 years old in 1258. He became the King's father and went to mountainous area of Vu Lam to live a religious life( now is Ninh Hai ....
Làng nghề thêu Văn Lâm
Ninh Hai commune in Hoa Lu district, is famous in this country for its embroidery. In fact, it is considered the realm of the ....
Sea-grass fine craft of Kim Son
Sedge appeared in Kim Son  two centuries ago, it nevertheless played an important role in the economy of this village. The rod is the main raw material to manufacture products such as mats, sheets, trays, boxes, bags, hats ... The most famous of them is undoubtedly the mat. It is a work full of creativity, prudence, and also difficult, ....
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