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Dong Chuong Lake

Update: 13-12-2012 09:27:19
Dong Chuong Lake

A clear, pearled lake located in Phu Loc and Phu Long Communes, Nho Quan district bears a name of Dong Chuong.

It is just 30 km en route from Hoa Lu ancient capital to Cuc Phuong National Park. The lake is always blue surrounded by evergreen piped hills which are very tall, up and down, and extended endlessly to cover and to make the natural blue lake’s surface more blue. In the morning, the lake is often covered by fog making a fanciful scenery. When the sun rises, the fog disappear slowly, the light come down to the pipe leaves sparkling like diamonds.
The lake’s legendary scenery has become the ideal weekend destination for visitors.

A corner of Dong Chuong lake

Pine hill in Dong Chuong

Resort in Dong Chuong

Pine hill beside Dong Chuong lake
source: Ninh Binh Tourism Promotion Information Center
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